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Member Units of the World War II RPS

Selecting a unit can be tough. Units on both sides fought in different and various campaigns across the globe. So, if you have an interest in D-Day, you might want to consider an American, British or German unit that fought in Normandy during June of 1944. If you're interested in the Eastern Front, looking at Russian or German units is a good idea. 

Keep in mind, most of our events are based on Western Front scenarios. When in doubt, it's always a good idea to research individual unit histories before selecting a unit you wish to join. And if you're still not sure, visit our message board. We can help you pick a unit that might be right for you.

DISCLAIMER: The World War II RPS features units that were part of the Nazi war effort during the Second World War. Our reenactment units do not condone, endorse or accept anyone promoting Nazi, neo-Nazi or any otherwise radical attitudes and/or behavior. Instead, all units -- including German units -- serve to educate both members and the public on the horrors and atrocities committed by the Nazis and their allies during the war. 

No support, endorsement or inclusion for anyone or any group promoting such radical and bigoted ideas will be allowed.

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American Units
101 Unit Logo.jpg
1st MarDiv Logo.jpg
3rd ID.gif
30th ID Logo.jpg

101st Airborne's secondary impression for the Pacific Theater.

British & Commonwealth Units
DLI Logo.jpg
Howards Logo.jpg
Russian Units
27th Guards Logo.jpg
Axis Unit Banner.jpg
German Units
352 Logo.jpg
5th Fallschirmjager Logo.jpg
Fallschirm Logo.jpg
1st SS Logo.jpg
17th SS Logo.jpg
Feld-Ersatz Logo.jpg
Japanese Units

NOW RECRUITING! Contact us if you'd like to start an IJA unit.

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