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Contact the World War II Research & Preservation Society

We want to hear from you! Perhaps you're interested in joining the World War II Research & Preservation Society and need some help picking a unit that's right for you. Maybe you're a unit leader of another reenactment group and are interested in having your unit participate in one of our upcoming events. 

We welcome contact from anyone interested in what we do. You can either join our Facebook group and engage with World War II RPS members and leadership, or simply fill out the contact form below, and someone will be back in contact with you soon!

Contact Us

Thanks! Message sent.

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RPS Facebook Group

The World War II RPS encourages all members and guests to register and join our Facebook group.


We use this as a means to communicate with each other about upcoming events, related news about the hobby and other pieces of important information. It's a great way to engage with other members and learn more about what we do and why. 

To access the group, click here or visit the link below.

You'll need a Facebook account to join. 

Also, the World War II RPS does not condone, nor will we permit any extremist or radical conduct on our message board, nor will we permit any abuse or derogatory comments on the forums. 

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