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World War II paratroopers
World War II American infanty
Red Army Infantry

The World War II Research and Preservation Society is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to honoring, researching and preserving the common experiences both Allied and Axis soldiers and military personnel experienced during the Second World War.

Based in Northern California, our unit strives to achieve this by engaging in tactical reenactments, camp displays and public events to further educate both our own members, guests and the public on what many experienced during this pivotal event in human history. And by doing so, we strive to perpetuate the legacy and importance of World War II.

Reenactments feature both Allied and Axis units, who strive to present an accurate impression of their particular unit with regards to uniforms, gear, equipment, weaponry, vehicles, structure and formation during these events. Members are also educated on individual unit histories, as well as the reasons why World War II had to be fought. Our members are comprised of teachers, law enforcement officers, doctors, students, business owners, active and former military personnel, along with many others who simply have a passion for history and a desire to experience it close hand.

The World War II RPS typically features between three and five battle reenactments per year at various spots throughout California. These events feature tactical maneuvers and mock battles, involving blank-fire weapons and vehicles where permitted. Individuals and their units are invited to attend as long as they are in good standing with the World War II RPS and have completed all necessary requirements and registration.

Reenactments feature members stemming from all kinds of units from various theaters of the war, including American, British, German, Japanese, Russian, French and others -- all adhering to the kind of uniform and equipment standards consistent with what would have been used for that particular reenactment scenario. While most reenactments involve the European Theater of Operations (ETO), there are various North African and Pacific reenactment campaigns in which we partake, and units often have secondary impressions to participate in such events.

We do not condone, nor will we allow, any extremist or radical idealism within our ranks. Given the sensitivity of some subject matter of the Second World War and its causes, such behavior will not be tolerated. 

Instead, we are always looking for persons with a passion for history and desire to perpetuate the stories of an average foot soldier on either side of the conflict. 

For more information, please check out how to join the World War II RPS or contact us.

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