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Operation Husky

Allied forces have landed in Sicily and begin spreading out over the island. 

But German and Italian resistance stiffens as the Axis powers look to block the Allied push to Messina.

Dates: Sept. 10-12, 2021

Location, Lockwood Valley, CA (near Ft. Hunter Liggett)


The Breakout

American, British, Canadian and French troops break out into the interior of France, forcing German forces into a hasty retreat. 

But the Allies begin to run dangerously low on supplies as they get deeper into the French countryside.

Dates: Nov. 19-21, 2021


Location: Six Bits Ranch near Jamestown, CA


The Falaise Gap


The German Seventh Army attempts a desperate counterattack to halt the Allied breakout from Normandy.

Armor and infantry battle it out for what becomes the definitive fight after D-Day.

Dates: April TBA, 2022

Location: Mariposa, CA